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Do the booty line dance!

September 18th, 2008

Come on girls - line ‘em up and do the booty line dance for the ultimate in ass-shaking, rump-rockin’ extravaganzas! Like these big fat butts? Check out the sluts here at Fat Ass Pass!

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Bubble butts need banging too!

September 17th, 2008

Hot Damn! This horny bitch is one sexy Bubble Butt Mom! I don’t know which is shaking more - those huge tits, or, that well-rounded big white booty of hers!

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Did you see the way her ass kept wiggling as her pussy was getting hammered? She’s got the kind of booty I love to grab and slap always seems to make these bubble butt moms scream and beg for more (and I’m happy to oblige!)

Shake, rattle and ROLL! This Brick House Butt is a mountain of flesh getting fucked from all angles! These humongous rolls of flesh are made for sinking a cock deep inside! She’s a well-oiled ebony whore who loves old-fashioned fat ass-slapping fucking!

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Spank that White Apple Booty, because she is just begging for it! Damn, I was breathing so hard watching her shove that fat ass in my face, I thought I was suffocating! Hearing that fat white ass getting slapped made me fucking horny!

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